The potential risk of wide scale terrorist attacks able to put out of order, for a long period, the internet connections capabilities exposes the some European Critical Infrastructures (ECIs), like electric power distribution and production infrastructure, CPAs, safety and defense organization, water distribution agency, airports, etc. in a stage of vulnerability because of some essential information are transferred by means of internet both for management and control.

This is particularly important in South Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Recently this region has become the critical southern border of the European Union close to Northern African, Balkan and Middle East countries more exposed to the cyber threat because the geographical disposition does not allow internet connectivity as efficient and reliable as other north European countries.

Then the present electronic dependence of ECIs, based on data/information exchange through internet, requires an alternative and independent high survival as back-up system of communication.

The aim of SWING is to study a high survival HF radio network data/voice) to real time support of ECIs communications, maintaining the minimum flux of essential information for the management and control in case of wide scale terrorist attacks able to render internet links useless over the Mediterranean region.

This will increase the awareness of ECIs operator in the extreme case of the complete broadband failure of the communication.

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