Specific Issues

SWING is a project able to ensure the transmission of the minimum information necessary for the survival of the ECIs and a sufficient standard of operability in case of a large scale terrorist attack in the wide band internet network. To achieve this goal an HF radio connection network is proposed.

The project will be divided in several phases: individuation of information crucial for the ECIs that are usually transferred in the internet network, selection of the information necessary for the alert, management and control, development of a suitable HF radio network that will be activated in case of extreme events.

This high survival HF radio network system will be characterized by elevated availability, reliability and robustness. To this end, the central alarm unit must be constantly connected to the ECIs by internet using a special information code that allows to establish if the operative flux of information is present and correct.

This system must be able:

  1. to evaluate which level of threat is present on the network to increase the securityawareness of ECIs operators
  2. to start a procedure able to activate the HF radio network in order to improve information management with regard to ECIs
  3. to establish the minimum flux of information to be transferred by means of HF network in order to increase ECIs protection exploiting both the most advanced techniques of ICT and HF network communication.

All these needs will be satisfied by using techniques to establish the level of hierarchy among ECIs as well as priority information access, determining the best compression and codification, choosing the best modulation scheme, frequency hopping and network topology to resist to electronic warfare and terrorist threats.
One of the strongest features of a HF radio network is its technical simplicity and the reliability of established hardware and software solutions.

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