2. Technical analysis of the communication problems related to the identification and designation of CIs in the interested area.

Aim of this Document is the identification and designation of the European Critical Infrastructures (ECIs) and Controlling Governmental Agencies (CGAs) on the basis of the deliberated by the Council Directive of the European Union. In fact the Council established, by the Directive 2008/114/EC of 8 December 2008, the requirements for the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection. In fact the Directive 2008/114/EC European Council identify two possible sectors: transport and energy. In the ambit of SWING project the ECI we designed are the Mediterranean ports of Palermo (Italy), Pireo (Greece) and Barcelona (Spain). In the hypothesis on which the three ECIs that are constantly connected exchanging sensitive information by means of Internet connection a HF network has to partially accomplish such a task. We analyzed some well known internet criticalities examining some above mentioned scientific reports the main causes of weakness either in the computers and in the networks with special reference to the Internet. On the basis of what we obtained (interview with Costal Guard Operative Room) it had been possible to individuate the sensitive information to be transferred by Internet. In this technical report the criticality of the Internet and possible failure like in the case of denial of service (DoS) or other not better identified cases. Subsequently as described in the technical reports N.6, N.7 and N.8 the problems concerning the HF radio network have been studied in order to replace the Internet with the HF radio links.