15. Identification of the professional profile able to maintain and operate network

In this TR, professional profiles of operators able to maintain and operate with SWING system have been identified. These profiles have been justified by the breakdown of SWING system in FUs concerning the management of the technological devices and software programs. Hence the professional profile identification of the operators able to maintain and operate with the high survival HF network realized in the SWING project has been analyzed from this point of view. The methodology adopted was to examine accurately the FUs of the SWING system in the necessary details. Mainly to maintain and operate with a system like SWING the following sections (based on a SWING system program's hierarchy) have been defined: Supervision Program, Internet Control, User Interface and Control Frequency Management. To manage, maintain, operate and update SWING system four main reference professional figures have been defined. Related to the first task, i.e. Supervision Program, a skilled professional manager having a good knowledge in complex systems is required. The key person could be a Senior Engineer with deep knowledge in SWING system, in R&D and HF data transmission and communication. This is a key person that has to coordinate the other three engineers. For the Internet Control program manager a skilled engineer having technical expertise in SWING system and Internet communications is required. To manage the technological apparatus in the User Interface the appropriate and suited figure is an electronic engineer. While for the Control Frequency Management, the most suited figure is an Informatics Engineer also having knowledge in physics and ionospheric propagation.