17. Professional training activities trough courses, workshops and conferences

In this report, the courses and conferences for professional training in the framework of SWING project have been presented. The activities of SWING for professional training were performed through 4-days course and 1-day seminar, held in Rome at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. The professional training courses were addressed to the interested public operators belonging to Maritime and Government Authorities. In the tutorial activities above mentioned the principal lines of the project have been highlighted. Within this choice all the considered objectives proposed by CIPS program were analytically presented and discussed. It was explained that SWING project identified as potential application in high survival HF radio communication to support ECIs and CGAs devoted to the protection of the harbours and of the relative public authorities devoted to the management and vessel’s traffic control. To this aim SWING took into consideration the two systems Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). All these information derived from an interview with authorities involved in the maritime protection it selves with an exchange of information between the Maritime Authorities and SWING staff . A first informative contact was with Italian Maritime Authority both to explain SWING project finalities and to obtain information concerning the organization of “Comando Generale della Marina Militare”, also visiting the Operative Room of the Coast Guard in Via dell’Arte, Rome (Italy). Following a series of questions and notions useful for the project were obtained. In the reference there are reported the internal technical reports issued in SWING project.