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SWING (Short Wave critical Infrastructure Network based on a new Generation high survival radio communication system) is an European project aimed at studying a large survival high frequency (HF) radio network to link European Critical Infrastructures (ECIs) and Controlling Governmental Agencies (CGAs) among themselves.
This system is thought to replace broad band internet transmission, maintaining the minimum flux of essential information for the ECIs management and control, in case of wide scale terrorist attacks able to put out of order internet links over the Mediterranean region.
SWING is designed to evaluate the threat and increase the security awareness, as well as the level of protection, of analogous and/or interdependent ECIs.
The project has to develop the standard software and hardware tools necessary for implementing communication protocols suited for a reliable and interoperable Short Wave HF radio network back up.
Therefore, SWING must also analyze the HF network requirements necessary for alerting and controlling ECIs in case of threat or attack, understand the particular characteristics of the ionospheric channel in order to establish safe HF radio links.
It is foreseen a suitable frequency management system for the frequencies selection and a study of a HF radio network architecture for Southern Europe.
The use of proper ionospheric channels for data communication requires, in fact, the support of a geomagnetic and ionospheric awareness to provide information on the terrestrial effects generated by the arrival of interplanetary disturbances.
Particularly intense solar events can affect the geomagnetic field and ionospheric plasma, changing the ionospheric structure consequently affecting the propagation the HF band.

Submitted at

10th European Space Weather week - November 18-22, 2013 - ANTWERP, Belgium.

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